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The Power of Communication

I was on a night duty last week. The mains electricity failed and it took a few minutes for the generator to kick in. The ODP contacted labour ward to find out if they had been affected by the power cut and if things were up and running again. She phoned up, got the midwife in charge and asked “Have you got any go-go juice?” The midwife asked her to… Continue reading

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Pan-Thames post FRCA Training Day

Not the snappiest of acronyms but the EBPOM collaborative do put on an excellent meeting and I was sad to have missed last week’s World Congress. I went to one of last year’s events and was really impressed by the quality of presentations and speakers, as well as the excellent price offered to trainees. I also like their mission statement and think the perioperative medicine mantel is… Continue reading

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Episode 2

Episode 2Click here for direct download of Episode 2. In this month’s meeting of lip smackers anonymous I find literally everything ‘very interesting’ while Frank picks (and loses) an argument with a paediatric nurse. Bex distils out the take home messages from the College’s 4th National Audit Project and I interview Alla Belhaj about helping Libyan… Continue reading

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Since I entered my Higher Training years, I’ve been trying to plug the holes in my anaesthetic learning before I run out of time and get my CCT. One gap is AFOI – my technique for AFOI was “do it the way the consultant I’m standing next to does it”, so I signed up for a course. Yesterday was D day. There were only 4 candidates, we each took turns to… Continue reading

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